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​Smyrna, DE 19977

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We have a fleet of trucks, the right equipment, professional, courteous and productive personnel to meet any site construction or environmental needs.  We provide applicable permits as required.



LCI provides a complete line of commercial, residential and developmental services all with the convenience of one phone call.   We remain the trusted choice of many municipalities to install, maintain & repair new and pre-existing infrastructure for jobs too large for them to handle.  Over the years LCI has established good working relationships with many Engineering Firms, Authorities such as DNREC, County Conservation Districts, Artesian, Tidewater, County Engineering & DELDOT with a proven track record to do the job right the first time.

Road Construction and Repairs                                                          Land Clearing/Grubbing Disposal

Underground Utilities/Sanitary & Storm Sewer/Water Lines            General Excavation

Earth Moving                                                                                         Erosion Control Installation Maintenance

Storm Retention Systems                                                                    Trucking

Demolition/Hydro Seeding                                                                   Pipe Jetting/Vacuuming

Wet Taps/Snow Removal                                                                     Septic System Design/Installation

Concrete & Blacktop Cutting                                                               Boring & Trenching

Asphalt Milling                                                                                      Concrete Coring

Retaining/Head Walls​

Non-hazardous Hauling and Disposal                                               Asphalt Hauling

Aggregated Hauling and Disposal                                                     Demolition Hauling

Dust Control (water hauling)                                                              Pipe Jetting Truck

Equipment Hauling - Truck/Trailer                                                     Dump Truck Trailers

Roll Off Truck                                                                                       Low Boy

Tanker Trailer                                                                                       Hydro Seeder

Rollback Truck                                                                                     Vacuum Truck

​Roll Off Containers